Black Country Make: Building a digital factory on a 1960s estate

A future vision of the railway arches with digital workshops

The Community Civic Enterprise Zone: Phase 2

It’s our intention to develop a community-owned enterprise zone that has the capacity to provide a facility for members of Black Country Make to set up social enterprises in the high end tech industries. We will be using the seven railway arches, located on the edge of the estate, to accommodate the new Community ‘Digi-Lab’. The viaduct walk is part of our ‘Citadel and Portals’ plan to link into the city centre which is nine minutes walk away on the disused rail track above.

We have an award-winning 1960s estate now condemned as a socially engineered concept gone wrong, a viaduct as testament to the brilliance of Victorian engineering that’s now seen as a blight to the estate and our public swimming baths made redundant by the private bobbing water worlds.

This is our heritage but we seem to forget they are icons to innovation and vision. Our plan is to adapt our heritage to accommodate our innovation and vision, but this time there won’t be the serviced social engineering bit. Instead we’ll manage our future for ourselves.

‘They’d have you believe it’s a place for drugs, prostitution and accommodation for the homeless. To us, these are places to hold our vision for the future..’

Neiko Hall-Brown – 22 years old – BCMake Member. August 2014

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