Black Country Make: Building a digital factory on a 1960s estate

shopssmallOur vision: Listen, develop, make

Our vision for action is to create a place to listen to, develop and realise our ideas and make our own life chances. A place that’s made in our own image, a place where we can practice, learn and evolve, a place where we can invest what we have most of… passion and vision with ambition.

We thought we would still need a place to meet after the closure of our youth and community services, so with a couple of second-hand computers and no money we did the best thing that we recommend to everyone – don’t wait, make a start!

Opening the shutters on Chervil Rise, Heath Town on Valentines Day 2014, after they had been closed for business for over six years, changed the face of our precinct instantly.

Our approach to change is three-fold: YamYam to listen to ideas, The Foundry to develop ideas and The Digitool Shed to create the tools we need to realise them.girlandcomputer2

Working together to tackle the issues facing our community, and provide local open access to ‘tools’ and ‘knowledge’, we develop and invest in creating ‘live’ projects that deliver long term, sustainable solutions that are of high value and cost effective.

Building on our industrial heritage to make things mixed with technology to facilitate and innovate, we can ‘employ’ ourselves to the task of delivering growth and prosperity in our community, breaking the cycle of being dependent on others for the solution that has failed so often in the past.


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